Bonnie Kane
High Priority Projects

Computer Animation, Design and Multimedia Specialist


2D/3D Computer animation, art direction, design, illustration, graphics and programming for Broadcast, Interactive, Multimedia, Package Design, Print and the Web. Specialized experience in computer operation and graphics requirements for live shoots.

Partner in "" an EBAY Internet Business. Responsibilities include database development, purchasing, client contact.

Career Highlights

Virtual Reality Broadcast
  • "Vietnam": Virtual Computer operator for 6 part series with virtual reality set, on The History Channel, client: SMA Video, Inc./ The History Channel, 1998, NYC
  • "TLC Legends": Virtual Computer operator for 13 part series with virtual reality set, on The Learning Channel. client: SMA Video, Inc./ The Learning Channel, 1998, NYC
  • "ABC Saturday Night": Virtual Computer operator for weekly news show with virtual reality set on ABC Network. client: SMA Video, Inc./ ABC, 1998, NYC
  • "Discovery News":Virtual Computer operator for weekly news show with virtual reality set for Discovery Channel and on British Airways flights. client: SMA Video, Inc./ ABC, 1997 - 1999, NYC
  • USA SPORTS/US OPEN: Broadcast Virtual Texture Designer, production management, animation, and on-air systems operation for Virtual Studio. client: SMA Video, Inc., USA Network, 1997, NYC
Broadcast Animation
  • "Centerseat Logo": Logo design and animation for broadcast and industrial use; client: Centerseat Productions, LLC, 2000, NYC
  • "Autonation": Design/animation of computer screens & computer operation on shoot for industrial film; client: Registered Films. 1999, NYC
  • "Coca Cola": After Effects title animation for commercial, Client: Registered Films, 1999, NYC
  • "Hawkwind, Live at the Cubby Bear": Intro/outro animation segments for full length concert video., Client: Hawkwind, 1998, NYC
  • USA Network/Sci-Fi Channel: Design and animation for the futuristic news show, "FTL NEWS (Faster Than Light)". Consisted of 260, 30 second spots combining still and animated computer imagery with live action. 1993, NYC
  • "A Conversation With Magic": Rap song animation segment for children's special on Aids featuring Magic Johnson and Linda Ellerbee, for Nickelodeon. Airing continuously since March 1992, NYC
World Wide Web
  • Thomas Solomon: Site design and programming, Winner, "Magic Circle Award" for design, named "Top 100 Magic Sites" All Magic Guide, 1998, NYC
  • NY Stock Exchange: Conversion of 1999 Annual Report from print to web, 2000, NYC
  • Flash animation "teaser" for website (client: Ryan Drossman, Inc.), 1999, NYC
  • AS400 Server: Flash animation web companion piece for CDRom (client: Think New Ideas, Inc.) 1999, NYC
  • Interface design for SonyMusic Intranet site, and band, Ratt, 1999, NYC
  • Flash animation for IBM, "Magic Box" campaign, 1999, NYC
  • Vague Politix: "Killer App" Shockwave game design for site,;, 1998/1999, NYC
  • Short term image production/HTML production programming for Oxygen Media,,, Interactive 8, Nicholson Assoc., Webmasters, and other companies througout 1999, NYC
  • Gif animation, HTML and proprietary tool troubleshooting. 1997, NYC
  • Meta4 Design: QT and image production for Hasbro's "Star Wars" site. 1997, NJ
  • iVillage: Element and ad design for site. 1996, NYC
  • Blue Highway Interactive: Interface design for Bell Cellular South, Xerox. 1996, NYC
  • Blue Grape Merchandising: Site development for rock merchandiser. 1996, NYC
  • Time Warner Broadband Applications: Interface design for "Pathfinder" project. 1996, NYC
  • Modern World Design: Original designer for environmental design website. 1995, NYC
CD Rom/DVD Products
  • Pfizer CDrom: Segment design, production, and programming; client: CCG Meta Media, 2001, NYC
  • Crush Digital Video: DVD interface design for several repurposed Anime titles, 1998, NYC
  • W.O.O. "In Your Own Juices": Design, animation, programming for Enhanced CD, Wagon Train Records.1997, PA.
  • IBM "Techconnect": Segment design & production, client: @Radical Media. 1996, NYC
  • Blender Issues #2, #3, #4: Contributor of animation and music segments, including quicktime movies and interactivity. Segment art director, designer, animator, musician. 1995, NYC
  • Sony Products: Production and design on Sony Style CD Rom, in conjunction with Click 3X and Arc Studios. 1994, NYC
Corporate Multimedia
  • NBC Interactive: Animation, programming for corporate presentation; client: WP Productions. 1996, NYC
  • Daimler-Benz: Multimedia designer/animator for 1996 Olympics corporate kiosk, Atlanta; client: AAG Intl. 1996, NYC
  • Lehman Brothers: Multimedia designer/animator for corporate presentations.1992-1995, NYC
  • Harvard University Medical Center, Children's Hospital: Computer animation for interactive neurosciences project. 1990 - 1991, Boston, Mass.
Special Projects
  • Motion Over Time: Subject Matter Expert - developed 2 day tutorial for Adobe Premiere, 2000, NYC
  • Time Warner: Digital conversion of direct mail promotions for TIME, Money, and Sports Illustrated magazines. 1994, NYC
  • A.F. Associates: CAD engineer for GTG/USA Today and USA Network projects. Project management and creation of extensive engineering documentation. 1988 - 1989, Northvale, N.J.

  • SIGGRAPH 2003 Art & Design Show: Selected exhibitor for upcoming conference, San Diego, Ca.
  • Pratt Institute Manhattan, Faculty group show, 2001, NYC"
  • Toray Digital Art Gallery: Toray World Wide Web Gallery. 1997, Japan
  • SMA Video, Inc., Permanent exhibition of large format digital paintings since Nov. 1996, NYC
  • WESTBETH GALLERY, "The Science of Art...". Sept 96, NYC
  • SMP Digital Graphics: Exhibition of large format computer art prints. Mar. - Dec. 1996, NYC
  • BIT MOVIE '95 and '96, Festival Internazionale di Computer Art, Riccione, Italy
  • SIGGRAPH '94 Art & Design Show: Selected exhibitor; featured on the cover of "The Visual Proceedings" show catalogue.

  • PBS Best sites of 1999 award (shared) for Vague Politix: "Killer App" - Shockwave game design for site, 1999, NYC
  • Magic Circle Award for site design, client: Thomas Solomon, 1999 NYC
  • First Annual Toray Digital Creation Competition: Honorable Mention Award Print. ( 1997, Japan
  • BIT MOVIE '96, Festival Internazionale di Computer Art, Riccione, Italy.
  • 1996 "Audience Choice" award, multimedia, for the first phase of the enhanced CD, "W.O.O. in Your Own Juices".


  • Featured internationally as musician/composer on CDs, records, and tapes and live performance. Bandleader/saxophonist in W.O.O., W.O.O.REVELATOR, WORLD OF TOMORROW

  • Pratt Manhattan: Classes in Digital Design, DTP, Freelance Business, 2000 - 2002, NYC
  • Vision Education Systems: Computer graphics instructor in 3rd grade after school programs, 2002, NYC
  • Globix Corporation: Classes in Beg/Adv Flash 4, 2000, NYC
  • Motion Over Time: Classes in Macromedia Director, current, NYC
  • New York Mac Users' Group: Classes in Mac software packages incl. Premiere, Photoshop, and Director. NYC 1996.
  • Cabrillo Community College: Welding and personal Relations in the Trades. Santa Cruz, Ca. 1979-1982

  • SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, Syracuse, NY., BFA. Ceramics and Photography.
  • SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY, S.F., CA. Graduate coursework. Center for Experimental and Interdisciplinary Arts: Audio/Visual Engineering.
  • ACADEMY OF ART COLLEGE, S.F., CA. Illustration.

Systems & Programming
  • MacIntosh: (Software - partial listing): Macromedia Director, Flash, After Effects, Infini D, Photoshop, Premiere, Painter, Quark, Adobe Illustrator, Quicktime, Sound Edit Pro, Sound Tools, AudioMedia.
  • SGI: Game Gen, Cyberset, Frost and Vapour
  • IBM compatible: Cross platform work with Homesite, Director, Photoshop, and WWW design.
  • Windows NT: 3D Studio Max
  • Advanced HTML, Flash, Lingo, light Javascript, Filemaker Pro.