Cd Packaging
  Rats cover
Front cover:
Rats of Unusual Size
client: Rats of Unusual Size/Wagon Train Records

Front cover:
The First Time
client: W.O.O.REVELATOR, Ernesto-Diaz Infante

Front cover:
The Theory of Reversed Effort
client: W.O.O.REVELATOR, Sweetstuff Media/Evolving Ear

Front cover:
Notes on What's What
client:W.O.O.REVELATOR, Sweetstuff Media

Front cover:
W.O.O. im Huberland
client:W.O.O., Sweetstuff Media

Front cover:
W.O.O. in Your Own Juices
client: W.O.O./Wagon Train Records


- First Annual Toray Digital Creation Competition: Honorable Mention Award Print. ( 1997, Japan

- BIT MOVIE '96, Festival Internazionale di Computer Art, Riccione, Italy. 1996 "Audience Choice" award, multimedia