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Natural Future Meditations Series
Artist's Statement
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Artist's Statement

I want to make beautiful things for a world that needs more beauty to counter balance the aspects that are not so beautiful. I want to make beautiful things for other people, so that they can live with these things and always be able to find a place of beauty and hope within their realm.

Imagery and sound speak to me. They are messages of feelings through time, saying "hey, here's the foundation - amidst all of the world's turmoil and unpredictablilty, you can count on this - we are here: the reds and blues, the vibrations, the details to make you wonder, to make you dream, to give you hope." Messages from one human soul to all others open to reception, making a connection.

And it is this connection that I believe in - because it represents the best that humanity has to offer to each other.

We have a choice of the kind of things that we do in this world, of the kinds of statements that we make, and what we leave after we are gone. There is enough controversy, enough tales of struggle, enough heavy statements. There is enough focus on disaster and the many wrongs of humanity. And it is continual.

As a world culture, we spend a lot of time creating fantasy and entertainment, allegedly for escape or relaxation. But too often, those fantasies involve fear, suffering, duplicity, violence, killing, or some form of quest for an allegedly noble cause in which all means to the end are justified. There is a fascination with morbidity. The "news" presented is always bad - and too many of us are glued to it. Where is the balance? What is wrong with our minds?

I choose instead to spend my energy on creating beauty, on stimulating magic and awe. I want to live in the crescendos of sound, wrap myself in the magnificance of color and spend my time and my thoughts in beauty and peace. My goal is to create things that will enable others to also live in those spaces.